Miku Hatsune Hikoku No Kodou 悲刻の鼓動

Miku Hatsune hikoku no kodou
Animation Character by me William_Rivera
Music Composed by Rengoku with permission

Tools use

Carrara 7.2 for the animations

SecondLife UPoser https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/...

PuppetMaster for Poser

Mimic Pro 3.1 for the lip syncronization (software does not recognize Japanese voice I did my best )

8193 frames @ 30 FPS

came down to 9.21GB *.avi file compress to *.mov then *.swf using Blaze Media Pro unification of video with voice with Blaze Media Pro as well.

Render Time about 2 weeks non stop Asus Essentio Desktop PC 2011 (less words is a good computer Windows 7 64 bits I'm not good with hardware but it was made this year)

About the Character:

Base Character Aiko 3
Morph face and body by me William Rivera
Clothing and Hair by Nanao and Casiopea with Evilinnocence clothes convertor

Any other info feel free to ask. This works gave me some chest pain he he he but I'm OK now going to take a vacation tomorrow.

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