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      This Comic is updated daily.  If you feel this is a great job consider buying a coffee.


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        Milkeeway Avatar Secondlife

        Mizaki is my Doll in second life. Mizaki has achieved a lot even participated in a motion picture named RU There.  The second life main female character named...

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          Time Travel

          If humans were to invent a time machine in the future, why have they never traveled back in time to visit us? As far as we know, there are no records... The most...

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            Ayu the Fairy

            Circle  :  Strawberry Shake Software Group How to Purchase : Release :  01/31/2010 Title :  Ayu the Fair...

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              Me Time

              Circle  :  Strawberry Shake Software Group How to purchase : Release :  03/16/2011 Title :  Me Time 4.0...

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                Welcome to Cool World.   American style 3DCG rendered toons.  All artwork on this website were created by William Rivera.  Become a supporter and access our mature videos and artworks you will receive a login and a passcode to access.  Register above.


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                  Kyoko Gangnam Style

                  My original character animated if interested in having yours animated feel free to contact me.