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  • WilliamRivera

      Made in Japan starters pack

      Three reknowned artists from the Land of the Rising Sun contribute to the ulimate authentic anime bundle for Aiko.The Sailor Uniform from Billy-T, the Captain'...

    • WilliamRivera

        About Margarita situations.   The artist William Rivera makes Margarita in 3DCG and Cel-shade which is a digital style, by using 3D software like Carrara, Poser or Daz Studios.  Welcome...

      • WilliamRivera

          Aiko 3.0 Morphs

          Aiko 3 Morph Strange and Wonderful Anime morph exist with Aiko 3.0 one of them and one of my fave is Mizuho for Aiko 3.0 and CYCO the image below is Mizuho and Cyco...