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  • WilliamRivera

      Miku Hatsune ~ UsoSuki ~ (Lie Plow)

      filmed by William Rivera どんより曇り空 眺めた窓の外 gloomy sky. look out the window. 憂鬱 倦怠が伝染 飽和する Melancholy and boredom is contagion. saturate しんみり暗い顔 やめてよ僕の側 stop! sad face. Please don't By my side 窮屈、限界が 目前、差し迫る Impending cramped and limitations 明日は晴れるかな つぎはぎの傘差して Tomorrow is sunny? h...

      Tags: lie, plow, uso, suki, リープラウ

    • WilliamRivera

        Miku Hatsune -Lie Plow-

        Created in Second Life by William Rivera This was filmed in Second Life at the simulation called Space Inspire

        Tags: lie, plow, miku, hatsune, space, inspired