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    • WilliamRivera

      Lynx -Main Character of Planet Vixens-

      Meet Lynx.  She is the main model of Planet Vixens.  Planet Vixens consist of so far 50 female characters each with special powers.

      • WilliamRivera

        Phantasy Star 4 Cast The End of the Millennium

        ...the Great Collapse, much of the once-thriving planet Motavia has been reduced to become progressively more difficult for the planet's inhabitants. To make ma...ionship between the biomonster problem and the planet's ecological crisis. The...

        • WilliamRivera

          Reehna -Warrior-

          Reehna is a fierce warrior.  Not afraid of anything and always up front, second in command after Lynx.  She is part of the planet vixen universe.