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    • WilliamRivera


      Here is a collection of my Cell shade styles feedback welcome.


      • WilliamRivera

        Cell shaded anime 3DCG with Daz Studio's Carrara

        Obtaining the base figure Aiko3 figure is sold at Anime Uniforms Where to get it: DAZ products page Morph with Aiko3, character XinXin (and tails of XinXin Hair), is a set of sailor suit for A3 meant for school uniform, also included a sailor captain s...

        Tags: daz, celshade, carrara, gump, eraser, aiko, toon, yatoon, bangs, aiko3, pigtails, xinxin, yamato, sera, nanana, mizuho, 3dcg

        • WilliamRivera

          Anime Celshade Sample

          If you like this style render for your original character please contact me for commission information at williamrivera3d at gmail dot com

          Tags: celshade, sample, render

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