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      Daz Aiko 3.0

      Aiko 3.0 - Anime 3D Girl (also known as "A3") was created specifically with anime and manga inspired digital art in mind. With A3, you can recreate all your favorite anime and manga girl characters with ease. From sexy anime warrior to sultry manga woman, this new female can become wh...

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        Cell shaded anime 3DCG with Daz Studio's Carrara

        Obtaining the base figure Aiko3 figure is sold at Anime Uniforms Where to get it: DAZ products page Morph with Aiko3, character XinXin (and tails of XinXin Hair), is a set of sailor suit for A3 meant for school uniform, also included a sailor captain s...

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          Mato's Kururu Anime Character can be downloaded from Mato's website at just click on the image to download on his website.

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