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      About me: ...imations on this website.  Contact me williamrivera3d at gmail dot com for commission or freelance work.  I can turn your original character into a 3DCG version of it. I can also des...Brief description: The 3DCG anime works of William Rivera. Original 3D Animations, 3D Artworks, Blogs and Visual Novels.Skills: 3DCG designer


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        Comment on "Dissapointed"

        ...of another joke for the Laconian Pot, but this was all I could come up with. If I offended anyone with this I apologize. William: Looking for a 3DCG pot was a big search I was af...


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          About Margarita

 is the purpose of this character, everyone is welcome to draw her and put her in situations.   The artist William Rivera makes Margarita in 3DCG and Cel-shade which is a digi...

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            ...out my 3D artworks and animations on this website. If you are interested in any of my works you can commision me to do some work. I am a freelance 3DCG artist and I am up to anythin...

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              Welcome to Cool World.   American style 3DCG rendered toons.  All artwork on this website were created by William Rivera.  Become a supporter and access our mature videos and artworks you will receive a login and a passcode to access.  Register above.