Cell shaded anime 3DCG with Daz Studio's Carrara

Obtaining the base figure

Aiko3 figure is sold at DAZ3d.com
Anime Uniforms
Where to get it: DAZ products page
Morph with Aiko3, character XinXin (and tails of XinXin Hair), is a set of sailor suit for A3 meant for school uniform, also included a sailor captain set clothes for A3 (NAVY ARMED FORCES) would it be a confusion about the sailor clothes set (really meant for japanese school uniform) (laughs). 
Anime Bundle
Where to get it: DAZ products page
Morph without Aiko3LE, Science-Fiction-style costume set MechGirl for A3, Long Hair of Mitsu Hair, and a spacecraft model named Stinger 
Aiko3LE does not need to be forced to install if there is the urging to morph Aiko3 , you may be prompted to install A3LE.

A3 compatible anime figures available

The Anime figures above are special morph for Aiko 3 base figure.  They are encoded with RTE meaning that if you dont carry Aiko 3 base you cannot decompress these figurines.
Mizuho (Free)
Where to get it: Play with Poser
Hogehoge (Mr. Justfit)  Created this figure and is considered to be the oldest anime morph.
Because eyes are props formula rather than figure built, it gives the advantage of easy eye exchange.  RTE encoder is required.
Nanana breaks (free)
Where to get: Poza debauchery
zgock Mr. the head of the 256color of creating Mr. P6Kate compatible figure "Nanana" things were transplanted into the A3 
version "NananaH3" transplanted with Nanana head to male figures Hiro3 have also been distributed, 
anime free is a valuable presence as a figure that can be aligned in the system male figure and a pair 
because they are distributed in RTEncoder format, you need an unzip work by RTEncoder below
Belbel (surcharge)
Where to get: the product page of DAZ
Yamato Mr. creates, makes you to Aiko3 compatible figures for sale in the DAZ 
will Aiko3LE compatible figure that does not have a morph 
included hair (BelHair) is very excellent good Thun and compatibility because the hair, 
is the figure you want to hold down, if possible with a fee
A3AD (pay, a little special or rather)
Where to get: FreeStuff page of Renderosity
will be the head of the Maya Mr. creating paid anime figures "AnimeDollKit" to those transplanted into Aiko3. 
A3AD itself is available free, but you will need a "AnimeDollKit" when the RTEncoder thaw. 
Purchase of AnimeDollKit is here (StudioMaya) from "STORE" of. 
Because it has been distributed in RTEncoder format, you need an unzip work by RTEncoder below

A3 compatible anime figures thaw

A3-compatible system figures are often those that are encrypted using the RTEncoder as described above. 
Briefly the RTEencoder "file (key file) and do not have a file encryption software that can not restore files that some" is 
if you want to distribute the DAZ figure of remodeling goods, by applying this process, the DAZ product to regular as long as not a person who has 
can not get the remodeling goods, Terms to is why Safe (both DAZ · Renderosity "remodeling goods distribution by RTEncoder is Joseph"has declared that) 
due to RTEncoder as an example Mizuho here This section explains how to thaw
Obtaining RTEncoder
RTEncoder official / download to get the RTEncoder from. 
09/08/29 The latest version of the current is 2.0.1 but, ver.2.x since paid, should I use the RTEncoderPy on the same page. 
RTEncoderPy can only decompress rte file of RTE1 system, but I have never seen a case you are using a rte file of RTE2 system in a range that can know in Poser relationship
Thawing by RTEncoder
If Mizuho the the zip decompression, Runtime / Geometries and Runtime / Libraries / character / each person by one in the PwithP, there is a file with the extension rte 
it must be converted by using the this file RTEncoder following screen when you start RTEncoderPy will you to the original rte file, key file, specify the restore file is OK if you click the "Go" 

In the case of A3AD
A3AD, as described earlier, is what that combines two of the pay figures that Aiko3 / AnimeDollKit, 
therefore, so that it can not be used unless the owner of both Aiko3 and AnimeDollKit, to double the regular distribution file of A3 and the AD Yes to RTEncode
for that, because once rte file is completed and decompress, please be aware that there is a need to unzip the file again rte

To obtain the plug-in 

This section describes the Carrara for plug-ins to be used in this tutorial

Toon! Pro (fee required)

Where to get: the product page of the DCG
is a good plug-in to say that "classic" in the case of the Thun render in Carrara. 
Although you will Toon! Pro Shader set to perform the Toon! Pro Renderer and Thun painted draw toon line, 
this time will be used only towards the Renderer since the "paint" using the YAToon, which will be described later 
originally, said Thun rather than rendering of cell animation tone even, is a plug-in order to realize the Thun of technical illustrations direction

YAToon (Free)

Where to get: Poza debauchery
! Toon than the shaders of Pro is a toon shader that can be set is Japanese taste "coating"

HairLight (angel of wheel shader) (Free)

Common in anime tone illustrations, to represent the "angel of the wheel" of hair, created by the author of YAToon, is a plug-in during the test 
because it is during the test, the current provisional release only C6 / C7 Edition for Windows It has been Carrara6 for Windows Carrara7 for Windows

Assemble the scene (for Carrara6 later) 

When you render Poser figures in Carrara, in advance Poser Nari D | and how to import the scene file from Keep in assembling the scene in Nari S, 
assemble the scene on Carrara capture the Poser figures and props directly on Carrara There is a way. 
This time, we will describe the latter. And get used to this method eliminates the need to start the Poser as long as it is not of defintely

Registration of Runtime

Call the menu by pressing the folder operation button to select the "Content" tab from the browser of Carrara.
Automatic Runtime registration
If you select "Auto Detect Runtime" from the menu, Poser and D | for us to register freely looking for the Runtime folder of S. 
D | S and English version of Poser you're using, I do not only use standard of Runtime, is this in one shot anyone who called.
Manual Runtime registration
But is very Rakuchin automatic run-time registration as described above, or was a Japanese version of Poser , D to place a non-standard | case or not install the S and Poser, such as making the Runtime to something that is not a standard, automatic Runtime in the registration you may not be able to find the Runtime. 
Such case, you will need to manually Runtime registration Select "Add Runtime". 
Because If you select a menu asks the location of the "Runtime", only I'll tell choose the Runtime folder

Incorporate figures

Once you have even registration of Runtime, it is easy to capture the figure. Select the Runime from the browser, select a favorite folder in the "Figures" folder, figure you can drag and drop the figure of the icon in the scene is called to the scene. In this Sample images, the following figure and D & D

  • Figures → PwithP → Mizuho SR1


In the same manner as also figures to dress, it is OK if we drag and drop to the scene. In this Sample images, the following: we will not be worn in the D & D

  • clothes
    • Figures → Aiko3 Clothing → Sailor Top
    • Figures → Aiko3 Clothing → Sailor Skirt
    • Figures → Aiko3 Clothing → Shoes & Socks
  • hair
    • Hair → DAZ Aiko 3 Hair → XinXin Hair
  • Eyeball (for Mizuho has become Prop the centerpiece is an independent)
    • Props → Mizuho → BaseEye Taxtured

Put a pause

If you put a pause to figure in the scene, you do not matter of course be attached manually, OK is also applied in drag-and-drop the pose file of Poser in the current Sample images, apply the following pose

  • Poses → PwithP →! Mizuho Pose → Mizuho 11
Poser pose file application at the time of the Notes
For Carrara strict limitations of the movable range of the joint than Poser, I pose that has been set beyond the range of movement of the common joint that's Poser also trying to apply the, for would have been corrected within the range of movement, pause it may not be the pose of the file as expected. Such time, in temporarily to turn OFF the movable limit almost exactly you can apply , however, for Carrara is no longer able to calculate the IK is in a state in which the movable limit to OFF, can or move the parts, such as in the manipulator no longer willpose a more Carrara never tampered with, this if put pose to pose file exactly as good at it , it would be better to use only when that case of Mizuho comes pose collection you are used in the coming Sample images, the movable range since the poses have been made aware, this problem does not occur 


To render 

At the end of the time being of the scene assembly, we will make the setting for the Thun render

Setting of material (YAToon)

Materials Organization of Mizuho body

Since Mizuho is a Aiko3-based figure, this about say or even divided the material of the site unit 
, however, should be actually applied material is actually in the following four to five

  • Body and head (must be in a different material in the head and body in the case of performing in texture-based, I do the same because this time carried out in a single color)
  • eyebrows
  • In the mouth
  • tongue
  • Claw (to another material if you want to nail polish representation, but does not this time)

In Carrara, apply the rules of the material is as follows:

  • Use that material if first it is set is the site (Shading Domain) unit of material
  • If the material of the site unit does not exist, use of global shader

Since, in the case of Mizuho, and the shaders of the body (skin color) that will be used in most of the sites on a global scale, it is easy and only shed a dedicated material portion other than it. 
Select the "Model" of Mizuho figure from the scene tree will jump to the texture room truly A3, mound DAZ system, unrefined but are lined with shading domain, global and drag the portion of the material sphere of the top of the SkinHip set to the shader then, the material that has been set to the skin color of the shading domain side will continue to remove all by clicking the trash can icon specifically,


  • MTangue
  • MInnerMouth
  • EyEBlow

Please remove all but

YAToon application to the skin color part
Apply the YAToon to SkinHip material set in the global shader now 
after double-clicking the material sphere of SkinHip call the material details, the tree from the shader the top-level menu, and then select the "Lighting Models → YetAnotherToon" this time by that time being, please set the setting value of YAToon as shown below , please refer to the readme that comes YAToon for the meaning of the individual parameters and then try to temporarily render When you have finished setting the time being how to enter the line to make it easier to confirm, and the backdrop of the scene you may want to white monochromatic If you do not like the paint here, adjusted to try to please the parameters of the YAToon in your favorite here of Thun set, so to speak, to "master set" Become

Mizuho YAToon apply to other sites of the body

Once it solidified Thun set of flesh-colored part, eyebrow and also to other parts of the Mizuho, such as tongue will continue to apply the YAToon 
to move to the texture room, and then double-click the "MTangue" is a tongue material of 
it is not particularly close if, it should be the remains open the previously set "SkinHip" is also 
to apply the Thun setting of "SkinHip" in here "MTangue", do the following:

1. Right-click the top material sphere of "Mtangue" 
be copied to the clipboard
2. While holding down the ctrl the top material sphere of "SkinHip" 
drag and drop it into the top material of "MTangue" 
(which by the contents of the SkinHip are copied to MTangue)
3. 2 tier shader part (just below the YAToon) of "MTangue" 
by right-clicking the material sphere paste

This "Mtangue" also YAToon apply. The same procedure "MInnerMouth (in the mouth)," "Eyeblow (eyebrows)" to please also performed

Clothes of material organized

When you confirm the material of A3 sailor suit for you are using this time

  • Fuselage sections of the jacket: Cloth1
  • Collar, sleeves, skirt dark blue part: Cloth2
  • Collar and sleeves of the line section: Line
  • Ribbon part: Ribbon

If there is a skirt of material we can see that go in the communal 

  • Delete the site-specific shader Cloth1 to the global shader coat to Cloth1
  • Delete the site-specific shader Cloth2 to the global shader skirt Cloth2
  • Change the site-specific shader line portion of the skirt to the Line

In common the skirt and jacket of material by and, will it be able to control all four of the material 
if so will be a name is down to the shoes, and set the Socks in the global material, delete the site shader of Socks you kept to

Materials organize centerpiece

In the case of Mizuho, because the eyeball is located in the lower layer of the Head of the Mizuho body as an independent Prop, select it, and then the material settings 
centerpiece will find that it is composed of the following three materials

  • The upper eyelashes: EyeLash
  • Lower eyelashes: EyeLidLine
  • Highlights: EyeBase

Of these EyeLash and EyeLidLine will no problem ended up in a common material and eyebrows of the body 
so, set the EyeBase to global shader, the EyeLash and EyeLidLine set the EyeBlow of body eyebrows

  • Delete the site-specific shaders EyeBase / Iris1 / Specular to the global shader centerpiece to EyeBase

You can organize to 2 Material by the

  • Change the site-specific shaders EyeLash / EyeLidLine to EyeBlow

This centerpiece dedicated material in the now only to EyeBase

Materials Organization of hair

Select the XinXinHair in the lower layer of the Head of the Mizuho body, to organize the material 
case of XinXinHair,

  • Bangs: Bangs
  • Back hair: HairBase
  • Tails: Tail
  • Hair stop: Ball

It is divided into, but this is also likely enough if only HairBase and Ball

  • Delete the site-specific shader other than the Ball to the global shader of hair to HairBase
Delete unnecessary shader
Since organizing the material, material that is no longer used but there is was a large amount generated in the scene 
to select the menu of Edit → Remove Unused Masters → Remove Unused Shaders, unnecessary material and remove it from the scene was in a large amount waste material is removed, and very neat

YAToon application to the clothes / eye / hair

After organizing, shaders that have not yet been applied YAToon is

  • Sailor up and down
    • Cloth1: white part
    • Cloth2: dark blue part of
    • Line: line portion
    • Ribbon: ribbon part
  • shoes
    • Socks: socks part
    • Sole: sole part
    • Leather: shoes part
  • Eyeball
    • Eybase: eyeball part
  • hair
    • HairBase: hair
    • Ball: hair stop

It will be 10 types of. Apply the YAToon in the same way that has been applied to other than the skin color portion of the body 
After you apply the YAToon to the shader of one way and then try to temporarily render again

To set the hair to "angel of the wheel."
In order to put the so-called "angel of the wheel" to the hair, apply the HairLight shader to Grow Hair material "HairBase" here also means that for the time being, please try to apply the settings shown below

Set the color of the hair to the color of the anime-ish primary closer, adjusted to brighter slightly the color of the Cloth1 of clothes and Cloth2, 
was lowering the Specular Edge of YAToon setting of Cloth2 to 65 
was a little bit fine-tune after pause

Set of drawing (Toon! Pro Hen)

Where the material of the setting is finished, to enter the setting of the drawing 
done a description of the case to use the First paid plug-in Toon! Pro
First default render
First of all, anything without thinking, and then try to render to change the renderer from normal Photorealistic in Toon! Pro aak, there! Back is Rameee! (Laughs) Actually Toon! Pro is setting of technical illustrations orientation is the default setting has become, not in the setting facing the rendering of Toka these Poser figures. 

Relaxation of the ridge line decision
First, in order to prevent the unnecessary ridge is too out, raises the setting of "On Edge Sharper than" from the default of 30 to 80.
Washout problems
But was considerably become better, it is likely to need to go still packed. Once Toon! Let's wash the "Do Base Render" check the try out the only line drawing problem disconnect of the Pro. Apparently, what I caught a line you do not want to pull the part of the eye and the eyebrows seems to be a problem 
Turn off the extra lines of the eye (drawing settings on a per-object basis)
Toon! Pro can be changed individually the settings of the drawing on an object-by-object basis / materials unit. First, choose a centerpiece Prop, let's do not draw the line. 
Select BaseEye_1 from the scene tree, click the Effects tab, and set the lies near the bottom (of the croton) "Toon! Pro Override". Check the "override for selected domain", and the line concentration to 0% safely centerpiece of the line has disappeared 

Turn off the extra lines of eyebrows (drawing settings in the material units)
Then select the Model of Mizuho from the scene tree, and then set the Toon! Pro Override from the Effect tab. 
Since this time to change the setting of only EyeBrow material, uncheck the "Synch All" at the top, from the select EyeBrow from the material list, put a check in the "override for selected domain", the concentration of the line to 0 you

After the color and thickness of the line on a per-object basis, to adjust the concentration

  • Hair: the ridge line decision in 40 degrees of tight, 70% concentration, to blue green to match the line color to hair
  • Body: the line to 1.4 squint a little, and the concentration of 55%, the line color to brown
  • Clothes: line to 1.8 squint a little, 70% concentration, the line color to dark blue

Set of drawing (NPR ed)

Toon! Pro optional plug-ins are not used, want to draw in the only Carrara body + YAToon, if that, if you are satisfied with the still image limited (or even in the video if there is guts) 
Carrara body comes of NPR (Non-Photorealistic Renderer) it is also possible to make the drawing using. However becomes mandatory post work
NPR setting of

Switch to Non-Photorealistic renderer from Photorealistic, set as follows

  • By default OFF the Defuse Layer that are turned ON, the ON to the Outline
  • The Thickness of OutLine 30%, to the Length to 140%

Toon! Unlike the line as drawn by the throttling of the Pro, the new hand-painted-ish line

The synthesis of the paint image

On which has been subjected to previous NPR setting, do the following:

  • Render at twice the size of the output planned for NPR rendering of the previous setting
  • Render paint image in Photorealistic rendering in the same twice the size
  • In listening tool of layer synthesis (GIMP this time), multiplied by combining the NPR line drawing on top of the paint image transparency 50%
  • Reduced output in half the size

Elimination of unnecessary line
If you do not care about the line drawing in the eyes of the part, but this is not it is not seen any, anyway since it opened in GIMP try to delete it Eraser tool a line drawing of the eye of the partial erase the part of the eye with an eraser because it does not depend than a minute to, guts and even it seems whether not it possible retouching even hundreds level of the video if there if output set at the object / material units as outline output also Toon! Pro of NPR It's comfortable but orz 


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